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Frequently asked questions

Do you own a double bed mattress? Then the answer to the above question is 'definitely'.Double bed mattress protectors keep your mattress clean and protected, ensuring that it continues to last and perform well over its life cycle.

At Chiropedic, we highly recommend that you buy a mattress protector for every mattress in the home.

Double bed mattresses are usually favoured for teens, guest suites, and the elderly who need more space to sleep alone. This also means that they encounter stains frequently. By buying a waterproof double bed mattress protector, you can preserve your mattress, no matter who is using it.

Double bed mattress protectors for sale online can come in a variety of styles and materials.Here are things to consider when buying a double bed mattress online

  • Constitution against spills, stains, bugs, and mites
  • Breathability and airflow
  • Ease of washing and cleaning
  • Absorbency and waterproof levels
  • Comfort level

Chiropedic's selection of double mattress protectors meets these criteria. They can provide the best sleeping experience for all ages.

Stains and mattresses are a common pairing. That's why we have mattress protectors for double beds. If your double mattress protector has been stained, you can wash it just like you would regular sheets.

If that doesn't work, follow these steps:

  • Mix equal parts water and white vinegar
  • Spray the affected area of the mattress
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the area
  • Leave to rest for a few hours, then wash as normal

If you can't remove the stains from your double mattress protector, it may be time to consider buying a new product from our online store.


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