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Frequently asked questions

If you’re not satisfied with the comfort level of your long single mattress, then a long single mattress topper might be a terrific investment. It’s a much more affordable way of augmenting the feel of a mattress, rather than having to buy an entirely new one.

Even if you love your long single mattress, it might still be worth your while investing in a mattress topper. Yonder, on the other side of a long single mattress topper purchase, there may well be realms of comfort hitherto unimagined.

Yes. A long single mattress topper is different to a single mattress topper. Although they have many similarities — for example, they’re both designed to improve the comfort level of mattresses, and they both go on the top of the mattress — there is one key difference between the two.

The primary way in which they differ is: length. It’s all in the name, really. A long single mattress topper is longer than a single mattress topper.

There are some bed products that can stretch out across several mattress sizes. King sized blankets, for example, can still be used on a queen sized bed (and indeed, this may even be a preferable state of affairs if you’re the sort of person who is forever running out of blanket). However, a mattress topper should really only be used on the right kind of mattress. A long single mattress requires a long single mattress topper. Trying to use a single mattress topper on a long single mattress, or vice versa, is sure to have sub-optimal results.

Thankfully, here at Chiropedic we sell mattress toppers in all sizes. From single and long single to king single, double, queen and king, we can help you find a mattress topper in the right dimensions.


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