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Clean and Conscious Awards 2024: Chiropedic has 2 products finalists

clean and conscious mattress

Our company is on the list of products selected by Clean and Conscious as finalists due to the quality and environmental standards.

Founded in 2019, the Awards are the brainchild of blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards after identifying the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products (Clean and Conscious).

As the website Sustainability Success explains, being environmental conscious is being mindful about how our actions can affect the environment and diminish bad effects on it. For our brand Chiropedic it applies to the choice of biodegradable materials and high manufacturing standards.

Sustainability Success give details about some benefits of being environmentally conscious:

Economic behaviour – When you’re aware of your impact on the environment, you’ll be more likely to recycle or reuse materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. You’ll also be able to reduce costs by purchasing used products or products made with recycled materials.

Health benefits – Being environmentally conscious can decrease your risk of certain diseases by moving to greener areas and walking or cycling more while avoiding more polluting transport options.

Social benefits – Environmentally conscious people often work together as part of groups called “communities” that help each other out without expecting anything back except appreciation. These communities offer something unique because they’re based solely on mutual respect between members who share common goals rather than profit motivation alone.

Creativity – Being environmentally conscious can help you become more creative by finding new ways to reuse or upcycle products that otherwise would end up in a landfill (Sustainability Success).

Clean and Conscious Awards 2024 recognize the best products in categories like skincare, makeup, body products, haircare, baby products, food and nutrition, home and others.

In the category Best Bed as part of Home awards, we have two products finalists. One is Chiropedic Pressure Relief Bamboo Pillow and the other is Eco Kids Pillow Top Mattress.

Bedbuyer valued our Chiropedic Pressure Relief Bamboo Pillow as Awarded Best Pillow 2024.

According to Bedbuyer, “The Chiropedic Pressure Relief Pillow brilliantly combines comfort, support, and cooling”.

Chiropedic Pressure Relief Bamboo Pillow offers an option for each need. The classic may suit most of the sleeper positions, while the Contour is specially designed to give more support on head and neck area, and the Low shape is better for back sleepers and kids.

We also offer other options in different materials like Memory Foam, Gel or Visco Elastic.

The other finalist, Eco Kids Pillow Top Mattress have features that make it a unique product and environmentally conscious on the manufacturing.

This product has the Low VOC Pillow Top Design as is engineered so the pillow top foam layer is mechanically fastened to the spring system without any use of glues or spray adhesives like in traditional pillow top mattresses.

Eco Kids Mattress has been named the best kids’ mattress in Australia for three consecutive years, 2022, 2023, and now in 2024. This recognition was given by BedBuyer, a well-respected organization known for providing expert and unbiased reviews of bedding products in Australia.

Not only is the mattress highly recommended by BedBuyer, but it has also been approved by chiropractors for its exceptional design and comfort. Specifically designed and recommended for children aged 2 and above, including teenagers and young adults, the mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, whether front, back, or side.

As you can see, our brand is aware of respecting the environment keeping the quality of our products to provide the best comfort to all the family.

Soon we will know if we win an award with one of our finalists but meanwhile, you can find our range of products on Chiropedic or Eco kids.