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Discover the Comfort of Chiropedic’s Australian Made Mattresses

Chiropedic has been a family-run business, proudly operating in Melbourne since 1991.

Chiropedic takes pride in its Australian heritage, with each mattress reflecting the quality, innovation, and craftsmanship expected from Australian made products. Opting for a Chiropedic mattress means choosing a product that’s been designed, tested, and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of Australian quality. But what makes Chiropedic’s Australian made mattresses truly the best?

  • Local Manufacturing: Each mattress is crafted on Australian soil, supporting local businesses, workers, and the economy. This close proximity to the manufacturing process ensures each product meets the brand’s high standards.
  • Superior Materials: Sourcing premium, often locally produced materials results in a product that’s not only comfortable but durable and sustainable.
  • Innovative Design: Australian ingenuity shines in Chiropedic’s range, incorporating the latest in sleep technology to provide a restful night’s sleep.
  • Tailored to Australian Lifestyles: Understanding the diverse Australian climate and lifestyles means these mattresses offer comfort year-round, catering to the unique needs of Australians.

Chiropedic’s Australian Made Mattresses

Chiropedic’s dedication to providing a range of options to suit every need is evident in its diverse product line-up. Each range is carefully designed to offer unique benefits, ensuring there’s a perfect mattress for everyone.

Yinahla Range

Represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, combining the best materials and technology for an unmatched sleep experience.

Eco Kids Range

Safe, sustainable, and supportive mattresses crafted for the unique needs of children.

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Sleep Firm Range

Tailored for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface without sacrificing comfort.

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Allay Nature Range

Eco-conscious and crafted from natural materials for a gentle, restorative sleep.

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Chiro Teens Range

Specifically designed to support the growing bodies of teenagers, promoting healthy posture and development.

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Cloud Gel Range

Featuring gel-infused memory foam for a cooling, luxurious sleep experience.

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Comfort Flex Range

Offers a perfect balance of comfort and support, adapting seamlessly to your body.

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Elite Range

Offers an unmatched sleeping experience, combining 5-zone pocket springs with memory foam.

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Just 4 Kids Range

Fun, durable, and comfortable options designed to delight kids and parents alike.

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Posture Support Deluxe Range

Engineered for those requiring extra support, enhancing spinal health and comfort.

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Royale Tencel Range

Combines the luxurious feel of Tencel fabric with advanced mattress technology for unparalleled comfort.

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Support Plus Range

Delivers additional support where it’s needed most, ideal for those with specific support needs.

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Tencel Select Range

A blend of Tencel fabric’s natural comfort with innovative mattress design.

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Ultra Firm Range

For those who need or prefer the utmost in firm support, this range provides it without compromise.

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Value Select Range

Offers Chiropedic quality at an exceptional value, making great sleep accessible to everyone.

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The Unmatched Quality of Australian Made-Mattresses

In a world where the quality of your sleep can dictate the quality of your life, choosing the right mattress is paramount. Chiropedic’s Australian made mattresses emerge as a beacon of excellence, offering a blend of comfort, support, and sustainability that stands unparalleled. Crafted with precision, care, and a deep understanding of what makes a restful night’s sleep, Chiropedic has established itself as a leader in the bedding industry. Here’s why their Australian made mattresses are not just a purchase but an investment in your wellbeing.