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Frequently asked questions

Super king mattress protectors work hard to keep your mattress looking its best year after year. Mattress protectors are often the first line of defence against a range of things that might otherwise harm your mattress, leading it to degrade in quality:

Mattress protectors for super king beds do a fine job at:

  • Preventing stains from children, pets, and sweat
  • Stopping bed bugs and dust mites from making incursions
  • Improving comfort and airflow, leading to a better sleep

Here are the main things to consider when looking to buy a super king mattress protector

  • Constitution against spills, stains, bugs, and mites
  • Breathability and airflow
  • Ease of washing and cleaning
  • Absorbency and waterproof levels
  • Comfort level

A super king mattress protector from Chiropedic will provide all of these benefits and more. Check out our products to learn more.

Super king mattresses can be a magnet for stains. If you own a super king, you are likely sharing it with a partner, children, and even pets. Each new body on the bed makes stains a greater possibility.

One could argue that stains on a super king bed mattress protector are a good sign! Every stain on a removable surface is one less stain on the mattress itself. If you do see some stains on your super king mattress protector, wash it according to the care instructions.

If that doesn't work, follow these steps:

  • Mix equal parts water and white vinegar
  • Spray the affected area of the mattress
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the area
  • Leave to rest for a few hours, then wash as normal

Persistent stains mean that you might need a brand new super king mattress protector after all. Check out our range for more information.


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