Getting a new mattress is exciting. But disposing of your old one can sometimes be a challenge.
Who takes them? Are they recycled or do they go to waste? What does it cost? All are very important questions.
If you require a collection of your old mattress Chiropedic recommends Soft Landing who are Australia’s Largest Mattress Recycler and have services across specific locations throughout Australia.

So how does old mattress removal work?

1. Log onto https://softlanding.com.au/
2. Select ‘book a collection online’.
3. Select your location if available then read and accept the terms and conditions.
4. Fill in your details and select an available date for collection and confirm your booking. (Please note there is a cost associated with this and it will be dependent on your location).
5. Place your old mattress outside the night prior to your collection date.
6. Soft landing will collect your old mattress and begin the recycling process.

The Recycling Process

Soft Landing recycles up to 75% of all mattress components

• STEEL SPRINGS – Recycled into products such as Roof Sheeting.
• FOAM – Recycled into carpet underlay.
• HUSK – Recycled into weed matting and mulch.
• TIMBER – Recycled into kindling, mulch and animal bedding.
• FABRIC – R&D, end use products such as acoustic panelling

Terms and Conditions

-Your mattress removal does NOT take place at the same time as your new mattress delivery. This is a separate service which you must co-ordinate with soft landing by going to their website as outlined above.

-Mattress collections occur between 6am and 4.30pm and will only be collected from your nature strip or kerbside. Soft landing DO NOT remove mattresses from inside your home and will only pickup if outside and ready for collection.

-As soft landing do not provide a time slot for collection it is recommended that you arrange to have your mattress out ready for collection the night before your pickup date.

-If your mattress is not in the required location on the day of collection then your mattress will not be collected and your Old Mattress Removal will be considered used and you will be charged for any further collection bookings.

-If you need to cancel or reschedule your collection you have until 2pm the day prior to arrange this with Soft Landings support office by calling them on 1800 763 852.

-Soft Landing Mattress Removal service is only available to those within a designated area within specific locations throughout Australia. To check to see if this service is available to you please follow the prompts online on the Soft Landing Website.