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Single mattress toppers are designed to fit on single mattresses and add an additional layer of comfort. Sometimes, a mattress is very close to being the softness-level you want, but doesn’t quite hit the mark. In that instance, many people find mattress toppers to be an affordable and convenient alternative to getting an entirely new mattress. Here at Chiropedic, we sell a variety of different mattress toppers in different thicknesses and materials.

While you might physically be able to stretch a single mattress topper over some king single or long single mattresses, this is far from an ideal scenario. Mattress toppers are designed to specific sizes, and that’s how you’ll get the best use out of them. If you use a mattress topper that is too small, it will fail to cover all of the sleeping surface leaving you with something uneven and uncomfortable (rendering the purchase of a mattress topper useless). Alternately, a mattress topper that is too large will be unsightly, unwieldily, and will hang over the end of your bed.

Yes, sheets and fitted sheets usually accomodate for a range of different height dimensions, to facilitate use with both fatter and thinner mattresses. You should be able to use a single mattress topper and still keep using your singe mattress sheets just the same.

Far from it! Single mattress toppers are decidedly inexpensive when compared with buying a new mattress. There are a range of single different mattress toppers on the market, made of different materials, with varying thicknesses and properties. And a high-priced mattress topper isn’t necessarily a better option. It’s all about finding the right one for you, with the ideal level of cushioning and softness so that you can get the best night’s sleep possible.


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