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Sheets made from bamboo plant fibres are known as bamboo sheets. They are renowned for their durability, breathability and softness, as well as their environmentally-friendly production. Double bamboo sheets are designed to snugly fit a double mattress.

Double Bamboo Fitted Sheet: 137 x 190 x 40cm

Double Bamboo Flat Sheet: 235 x 260cm

Sheets made from bamboo offer several benefits.

  • Eco-friendly: bamboo grows speedily without the need for fertilisers and harmful pesticides
  • Softness: softer than cotton, bamboo sheets are famously luxurious
  • Durability: bamboo sheets retain their shape, structure and colour longer than cotton
  • Breathability: bamboo sheets make for a cooler sleep, wicking moisture and dispersing heat
  • Hypoallergenic: sheets made from bamboo won't upset sensitive skin

Bamboo sheets do come with some drawbacks. Things that might you might like to consider are:

  • Shrinkage: bamboo sheets will shrink if they experience excessive heat
  • Wrinkling: depending on the weave, bamboo sheets may display wrinkling
  • Expense: bamboo sheets tend to be costlier than cotton sheets

This really depends on your individual preference and personal taste. You might choose bamboo sheets over the alternative if:

  • Your skin is sensitive
  • You want bedding that is made without any pesticides or harm to the environment
  • You'd like sheets that are long-lasting and will look and feel great for many years

We advise you to wash your bamboo sheets each fortnight, in cold water, on a gentle cycle. This will ensure they remain clean, as well as preventing unsightly and uncomfortable pilling or wrinkling. To avoid your bamboo sheets shrinking, you should never dry them in a tumble dryer.

Yes, sheets made from bamboo are non-flammable naturally. In fact, they don't require formaldehyde to be added to them, so they're ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.


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