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Frequently asked questions

There are a number of reasons why people buy mattress toppers for their double bed. For example:

It extends the lifespan of your double mattress, reducing the impact, wear and tear that the surface would otherwise experience

It keeps a mattress clean for longer, and can protect the sleeper from allergens

A double mattress topper can improve the level of comfort of your mattress

Much of the time, people choose to invest in their double mattress topper because they’re not entirely satisfied with the feel of their double mattress. Buying a topper is a convenient and
affordable way to modify mattress feel, for a fraction of the cost of a new bed.

Some people might find that they enjoy sleeping on multiple mattress toppers stacked o top of one another. However, this might be a sign that your mattress is unfit for purpose, or that the mattress topper you’ve started out with isn’t thick enough. If a sleeping surface is too soft, this can cause back and neck aches, and that is a risk you start to run when stacking multiple mattress layers atop one another.

Typically, the right mattress combined with a quality mattress topper should offer a sufficient level of softness, comfort and support to help you sleep soundly.

At Chiropedic, we accept a variety of different payment types for our products, including double mattress toppers. If you want to pay entirely upfront, that’s great. We also offer a range of interest free finance options that allow you to split the payment up over several instalments. Read more on our website to find out more about the payment plans you can use, such as zip, afterpay, splitit, and openpay.


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