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A child’s room needs to be a dance floor, art station, sports arena, race track and a million other things before it becomes a bedroom. Kid-sized trundle beds are an excellent way to save space in a small room. Paired with one of our award-winning and industry-leading mattresses; each bed will provide wonderfully comfortable support for your tuckered-out tykes.


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Frequently asked questions

A trundle bed is a small bed that is stored underneath another bed that can be easily pulled out for use at a moment’s notice. Built with a frame that incorporates wheels or rollers they can be retrieved and set up quickly for surprise visitors and impromptu sleepovers. The word trundle refers to the wheels in the design and the movement which allows for easy storage and access.

Many family homes and vacation accommodations use trundle beds as a smart way to maximise space while offering additional sleeping options. If space is an issue in your home because you either have fewer bedrooms than you’d like or the rooms themselves are not overly large, a trundle bed design could be a great idea.

Trundle beds are a wonderful way of getting an extra bed in your child’s room for sleepover guests without it impacting play areas. A good trundle bed will also provide a comfortable night’s sleep for adults. Hugely versatile, a trundle bed can even be dressed as a day bed when not in use and then easily converted into two stand-alone beds or paired up to make a comfortable king-sized bed for a couple.

Trundle beds made by Chiropedic are all designed with comfort, quality and a good night’s sleep in mind. When choosing a trundle bed, we suggest considering:

Mattress feel or firmness offered by the mattress manufacturer. Does it match up with what you choose in a standard bed? If you’re unsure of what the different mattress feel options actually translate to in terms of firmness, keep in mind that hotels usually provide mattresses with a medium/firm feel.

Side support. Is there is sufficient side support to prevent roll-over? If your guest ends up on the floor it probably won’t rate as a good night’s sleep!

Comfort layer. Does the trundle bed design incorporate a good quality comfort layer or cover to ensure softness? Is it important to you if the cover is a natural, breathable fibre, anti-bacterial and durable?

Support System. Does it provide adequate support, particularly if the user is likely to be an adult?

Yes. Chiropedic offers several designs in our trundle bed range including a pop-up in single and king single sizes. These pop-up beds are a great option for guests who may have mobility issues or back pain and find getting up and down from the floor challenging. A pop-up trundle bed also provides the flexibility of being paired up for a couple or pulled apart for use as two separate beds.

We think so! Offering the perfect space-saving design for guests of all ages and the flexibility of a spare bed whenever you need it, trundle beds are a fantastic and cost[-effective option for your home or holiday accommodation.


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