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A queen mattress topper is designed to be put on top of a queen mattress. It changes the firmness of a mattress, and can provide additional cushioning. There are many benefits to a mattress topper, such as:

A more cost effective way to change a sleeping surface than buying an entirely new mattress

Increased mattress protection from spills and stains

Lengthening the lifespan of a mattress by adding increased cushioning and reducing wear over time

People are often surprised with the additional comfort and softness that a mattress topper can provide. Previously uncomfortable mattresses can suddenly be transformed into sleep-able surfaces.

Compared with buying an entirely new queen size mattress, queen mattress toppers are a decidedly affordable alternative. You get the same terrific result — a soft and comfortable queen size mattress — but for a fraction of the cost and with far less inconvenience.

We sell many different queen mattress toppers, made from different materials with a range of features. It’s not necessarily the case that a more expensive mattress topper is preferable to a cheaper one. They key in finding the right mattress topper is finding out which one is going to get your mattress to the right level of softness.

We accept several different payment options for queen mattress toppers. If you’d prefer to pay all at once, upfront, we can accomodate that and take payment via credit card. However, if you’d rather split your payment up over several instalments, this is also an option. Here at Chiropedic, we partner with several different companies who specialise in interest free instalment plans. Whether you’d like to go with Afterpay, Zip, Splitit or Openpay, it’s never been so easy to find a flexible payment strategy.


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