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Frequently asked questions

Gel pillows refer to any pillow that incorporates the use of gel within its design. The gel helps reduce the common problem of overheating in bed, caused when the body drops in temperature in preparation for sleep. This natural hormonal response causes heat to transfer from the sleeper to their bedding, creating an uncomfortable increase in temperature within the bed. The heat can cause night sweats and prevent the sleeper from getting a good night's rest.

Including gel within the pillow's design can help manage this temperature increase by drawing heat away from the sleeper and neutralising the heat that would typically be held within the bed. Several different pillow designs utilise the cooling power of gel. The three main gel pillow designs are:

  • Cooling Solid Gel Pillow
  • Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Gel Pillow
  • Cooling Gel Layer Pillows

Gel pillows are affected by the ambient temperature in the room. For example, if the room you are sleeping in is sweltering or you live in a hot climate, that heat can transfer to the bedding and reduce the effectiveness of the cooling gel.

Gel pillows can emit an unpleasant smell when first opened, called off-gassing. However, these volatile organic emissions (or VOC emissions as they are also known) will usually dissipate after a day or two.

Gel pillows have a similar lifespan to most other pillow designs and will likely need replacing after 2-3 years.

Yes, gel pillows can provide excellent support for neck pain with the added benefit of keeping you cool while sleeping. We recommend you look for a gel pillow that is designed specifically to meet the needs of those seeking relief from head, neck and shoulder pain, such as:

  • [Chiropedic Pressure Relief Pillow Gel Infusion](
  • [Chiropedic Pressure Relief Pillow Gel Classic](
  • [Chiropedic Pressure Relief Pillow Bamboo Contour](

With targeted relief and unparalleled temperature control, we believe our range are some of the very best gel pillows in Australia.

The insert and cover of your gel pillow require different methods to keep them clean. We recommend the following care instructions:


  • To clean the insert of your gel pillow, first, remove it from its protective cover
  • Pillow surface may be wiped clean with warm, soapy water
  • Do not wring pillow; gently squeeze if excess water is present
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Dry completely before putting away or re-use
  • For best results, we recommend that you air your pillow regularly


  • Remove fabric cover from pillow before washing
  • Fabric cover may be washed in warm water with like colours
  • Press with a warm iron if required
  • May be drycleaned
  • Do not bleach

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