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  • 5 Year Warranty on Motor
  • 10 Year Warranty on Mattress

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Frequently asked questions

Adjustable mega king beds are expensive because they have been designed to split in half, allowing you to adjust both sides of the king mattress independently. You can expect to pay $7798 for a Chiropedic adjustable mega king bed and mattress.

There are 5 standard adjustment levels for adjustable mega king beds:

  • When sleeping or generally relaxing, choose the Flat setting
  • When reading a book or the p[aper, choose the Head Up Only setting
  • When stretching or recovering from injury, choose the Feet Up Only setting
  • Elevate the upper legs and head when watching TV
  • Choose Zero gravity to entirely elevate the upper legs and head

Both sides of the Chiropedic mega king mattress can be adjusted to any of these settings, independent of the other size.

With Chiropedic's adjustable mega king mattress, both sleepers can choose how they want to sleep or relax. As well as versatility, the mattress is incredibly comfortable, featuring:

  • 5 zone indie coil pocket spring system
  • High tensile edge support
  • Gel infused memory foam posture top
  • 10 Year-warranty on mattress

Our adjustable mega king mattress also comes with a vibrating massage function, and wireless controller. This motor comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Chiropedic adjustable mega king bed will appeal to couples looking to have options when it comes time to relax or sleep in bed. As a split mattress, both sizes can be moved independently of each other, giving the absolute best in comfort and relaxation.


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