4 Reasons Why You Need A Non-Toxic Latex Mattress

High quality, healthier, and safer sleeping

We spend about a third of our lifetime asleep. Rest is important for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, whether you are working out at the gym, or working hard in the office. Good, consistent sleep can also help:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Improve concentration, productivity, and overall mental health.
  • Reduce the body’s reliance on calories that lead to weight gain.

Natural non-toxic latex mattresses offer more comfortable rest, and safer, healthier sleep compared to other mattresses on the market. Their manufacturing process is also more sustainable than synthetic materials used in mattresses.

Dreaming of a better night sleep? Visit your local Chiropedic store. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect mattress for your needs.

What are the types of mattresses?

Before we get into the benefits of natural latex mattresses, it’s important to understand how they differ from other materials used.

  • HD Foam mattresses use high density foams in a variety of feels, from firm to soft, to provide different comfort levels suiting everyone’s individual preference.
  • Memory foam mattresses use special visco-elastic foam that conforms to the body of the sleeper providing pressure relief.
  • Gel mattresses use gel, infused through the materials in the comfort layers of the mattress to offer improved temperature regulation. Gel-infused latex mattresses are also available.
  • Micro pocket spring mattresses use a tightly coiled spring system to offer increased support and pressure relief.
  • Wool comfort mattresses utilise special layers of wool blends between the foam.

Natural latex mattresses offer the same great support and comfort of these mattresses. What sets natural latex apart is its inherent health benefits. The manufacturing process of non-toxic mattresses leads to a far more natural and sustainable product.

What is a natural latex mattress?

Before they are available for purchase, each mattress undergoes an extensive manufacturing process.

  1. Natural latex is harvested from the milky sap of the rubber tree.
  2. There are two methods used to create natural latex mattresses:
    • The Dunlop Method involves frothing the sap and passing it through a special oven. When the block is solidified, it is then washed, dried, and prepared for use.
    • The Talalay Method is where the liquid latex is cast into a vacuum mould. This mould is then flash frozen and flash heated, allowing the block to solidify permanently.
  3. The brand new natural latex mattress undergoes vigorous quality and standards checks.

Although it takes about 12 acres of rubber trees to make one queen mattress, this process is entirely renewable. A rubber tree can live for over 75 years, and can be harvested continually. This same 12 acres of trees will remove 143 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 12 months.

Natural latex mattresses are more sustainable than other products, but why are they better to sleep on?

1. Better rest

It’s hard to think of anything better than a solid 8 hour, uninterrupted trip to dreamland. Non-toxic latex mattresses offer just this, supporting the entire body with strength and comfort.

  • Greater support: Natural latex mattresses are soft, but firm, offering varying levels of support for the head and shoulders, mid-section, and lower body.
  • Less disturbance: The strength of natural latex ensures that partners are not disturbed by the other moving around or getting up in the night.

2. Ultimate comfort

There’s more to sleep than just being unconscious. Drifting off can take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours. Your mattress should offer support and comfort at all times, whether you are sleeping, reading, or having breakfast in bed.

  • Temperature control: Other mattresses can trap body heat, making for hot, uncomfortable sleep. Latex mattresses are designed to disperse heat.
  • No odours: Synthetic mattresses have a reputation for having a distinct rubbery smell. Natural latex mattresses have no odour, and do not impart any smell onto bedding or sleepers.

3. Safer sleep

Safety doesn’t begin when you lock the front door. Compared to artificial compounds, natural latex mattresses offer a far safer sleep.

  • Flame resistance: Some manufacturers use materials that require harmful additives to make them fire safe, non-toxic latex is naturally resistant to fire.
  • No VOCs: Common in fresh paint, volatile organic compounds are chemicals that affect air quality around the home and can lead to health issues. Natural latex has no VOCs, meaning your home will be healthier.

4. High durability

When it comes to naturally sourced materials, questions are always asked about their durability. Thankfully, non toxic latex mattresses are some of the most durable on the market. The natural latex manufacturing process yields stronger mattresses, meaning that they will be replaced less often than other types.

  • Shape retention: Thanks to their thorough manufacturing process, natural latex mattresses can last upwards of 20 years and still retain their shape.
  • Dust and mould: The natural composition of non-toxic latex mattresses grants them a higher resistance to dust mites and mold.

Why choose Chiropedic?

Not all mattresses are created equal. Chiropedic mattresses are designed for people seeking the best possible night’s sleep. The standard composition of a natural latex mattress features several layers of non-toxic, naturally sourced materials:

  • Soft knitted fabric for a luxury feel
  • Natural latex for support and comfort
  • Pocket springs for added support
  • Woven fabric and foam side support

If you’re looking for the perfect latex mattress, drop into your local Chiropedic store. Our friendly team can advise you on the best non toxic mattress for your needs.

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