So it’s time for ‘big kid’ bed and to upgrade the room

Setting up a big kid’s room for your child

Buying a ‘big kids bed’ is an exciting transitional moment for you and your child. As your child grows, they’ll almost certainly want their bedroom to reflect the fact that they are a ‘big kid’ now.

As part of this transformation, you’ll need to update the bed and mattress from the cot to a kid-size bed that will last for years to come.

Whether you make this the time for a total redecoration, or just update the bed, involving your child in the process will give them a sense of ownership of their ‘new’ bedroom.

Here are some things to consider when you make the transition:

Keep it simple

Choosing classic pieces that will be suitable for your child as they grow up means that the investment you make now will last for many years. Complicated styling can date quickly! Timber or monochrome furniture can provide a neutral background as your child’s tastes change over time.

Decorating with wall stickers, framed posters and patterned linen is a practical way to reflect your child’s personality and allows you to change the look and feel of the room easily and often as they grow up.

Start with the essentials

Try to avoid buying too much furniture at first, you can always add more items later on. Consider the essential items such as a table, drawers and the bed.

Later on, as your child matures you can add more items such as a desk for homework and a bookshelf.

Think about functionality

While adults see the bedroom simply as a place to sleep, for a kid, the bedroom is also a place to play. Your child’s bedroom should be a functional space where they can grow, learn and rest.

Allow enough space for play rather than creating clutter with too many items. Kids love to change things around, so keep this in mind and where you can select pieces that are versatile and functional.

Involve your child

When you make your child a part of the process, you encourage them to take ownership of their space. Bring them along when you purchase the new furniture and storage solutions.

Including your child in the process of re-designing their bedroom can help to encourage your child to take initiative to use the storage spaces and keep the room tidy.

If the bed frame you select needs assembling, get your child to help! Transitioning from a cot to a big kids bed can be easier if your child feels they’ve are part of the process.

Consider the space

Most kids love bunk beds, which are an ideal way to save space when children are sharing a room. A bunk bed can be the centre of imaginative games, and as your child grows older a bunk bed provides a fun option for sleepovers with friends.

A bunk bed should have guard rails for safety. Look for a style that can be uncoupled into twin beds when your child reaches the teenage years.

Trundle beds are another fantastic option for saving space, discretely storing the spare under the child’s bed. A trundle bed doesn’t have to remain at floor level, a pop-up trundle bed means the second sleeper can rest at the height of a regular bed.

Selecting the mattress

When shopping for the bed and mattress, let your child ‘test’ mattresses to find the right one. Remember that a firm mattress won’t necessarily last longer than a softer one. The most important thing is that the mattress provides the best support as your child grows.

A good kids mattress will last for years, and should be comfortable right from the first night. When you purchase the mattress remember to add a mattress protector to make it last!

Safety first

Now that your child can get out of bed more easily, it’s important to think about safety. Ensure that power points are covered and that items in the room are secure.

Create a bedtime routine

Moving to a big kids bed is a big change for you and your child! You can mark the occasion with a new Bedtime routine that establishes evening as a time to rest and wind down. Your child’s bedtime routine might involve putting away toys before getting into pyjamas.

Reading a bedtime story on the new bed can help your child to feel comfortable. Having some familiar items like a favourite toy or blanket on the new bed can also help to ease the transition.

Saying ‘goodnight’ with a special bedtime routine can help the big new bed seem less intimidating.

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