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  • 5 Year Warranty on Motor
  • 10 Year Warranty on Mattress
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Frequently asked questions

Adjustable queen beds are more expensive than traditional queen mattresses and bed bases. This is because they have been designed to perform a very specific function, and they contain both a mattress and bed base in one transaction. You can expect to pay $4879 for a Chiropedic adjustable single bed and mattress.

There are 5 standard adjustment levels for adjustable queen beds. These are:

  • Flat — usually for sleep or relaxing
  • Head up only — ideal for reading
  • Feet up only — for injury recovery
  • TV-watching — where the head and upper legs are elevated
  • Zero gravity — where the legs and head are entirely elevated

Chiropedic does not make split queen adjustable beds. If you want to be able to adjust both sides independently, you may have to purchase two separate long single or king single adjustable beds.

The Chiropedic adjustable queen bed will be one of the most comfortable and versatile sleeping situations you will ever experience. This is because it has been designed for your absolute comfort with:

  • 5 zone indie coil pocket spring system
  • High tensile edge support
  • Gel infused memory foam posture top
  • 10 Year-warranty on mattress
  • Zero gravity — where the legs and head are entirely elevated

Our adjustable queen bed also comes with a vibrating massage function, and wireless controller. This motor comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Chiropeddic adjustable queen bed will appeal to couples or singles who like versatility in their sleeping arrangements. If you're someone who likes spending time relaxing in their bedroom reading or watching TV, you can make it as comfortable as possible with a Chiropedic queen adjustable bed.


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