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Met GALA Inspo: Enjoy the 5 Benefits of Bamboo Sheets on Your Skin

met gala 2024



met gala 2024

This year’s Met GALA was inspired by the beauty of garden and fairies- like the sensation of a good quality bamboo sheet on your bed.

The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Benefit, is an annual fundraising gala held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in Manhattan.  Every year, the celebrities attend showing their best dresses inspired by the theme of the year and giving a preview of the next fashion seasons.  This year, the theme of the party of Met GALA 2024 was Sleeping Beauties with the dress code “Garden of Time”.

More than just glamorous events, the fashion industry has worked to find the best products in term of texture, durability and comfort. Light, floating and stunning dresses were seen this year on Met GALA that remind of cozy materials on a nice bed.

Over the years, different fabrics have been created, including products that feel better on the skin, even for very sensitive people. One of those great materials that feels awesome on your skin is the bamboo fabric made with the fibers of bamboo plants. Durable and soft, “The production of bamboo fabric requires less water and pesticides compared to traditional cotton, making it a more sustainable option”, explains the website Better Goodness.

History of bamboo fabric production

According to Green Nettle Textiles website, “Bamboo textiles have been cultivated for thousands of years, particularly in the Asian continent. Bamboo textiles have been around for a while now but are pretty low in popularity, and it’s only recently that the textiles have been produced commercially”.

The website explains that in 1864 the businessman Philipp Lichstantaldt patented his method to dissolve the bamboo fiber but the costs of transporting bamboo from Asia stopped him to set a bamboo fabric factory.

It wasn’t until the 2000’s that the product became popular in the USA and around the world.

Benefits of bamboo fabric

Some great benefits of bamboo are:

  • Sustainable: Bamboo plants are renewable, quick growing and the production requires less water than other fabrics.
  • Comfortable: Soft to the touch on your skin. Good option for all ages and skin types. (Green Nettle Textiles).
  • Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic: The textile is resistant to UV light, germs, and is bacteriostatic, antifungal (eliminate harmful microorganisms), and are hypoallergenic (Green Nettle Textiles). 
  • Moisture wicking: The natural moisture wicking properties of bamboo fabric makes the skin keep dry and comfortable.
  • Durable: Firm fabric that lasts for long time with the right care.

Bamboo fabric is used to make clothing, bed linen, medical textiles, products for babies, footwear and others because is soft and breathable for all skin types and ages. Diabetic people get the benefits of bamboo for their clothing and socks.

Now you know all the benefits of bamboo you may want to switch to this fabric on very single textile you wear. Your body deserves care 24 hours a day in your clothing, house and especially on your bed.

In your bed you can get bamboo sheets at Chiropedic. Our brand offer 100% organic bamboo sheets with a 40% discount!

Available in white or grey, the Bamboo Sheets are available on Double, Queen or King Size. Better hurry because they’re running out fast.

The bamboo sheet care is simple: A standard machine wash on cold or warm cycles is all they require, plus they can be tumble dried on medium heat or line dried. Easy and enjoyable to wear and care.

If you’re going to spend a third of your life in bed and need a great sleep, do it with soft and best quality bamboo sheets!