How much should you pay for a mattress in Australia?

Mattress prices can be hard to understand, but we’re here to help

You can’t put a price on a good night’s rest—or so the saying goes. The reality is that different mattresses suit different sleeping styles and budgets, but luckily, with
Chiropedic Mattresses‘ range of Australian-made products, you can rest easy. Also, can take a look at Bedbuyer recommendations of our brand.

How much does a mattress cost in Australia?

Generally, the price of a mattress can range from as low as $89 all the way up to $20,000.

  • Anything between $89-$500 can be considered as budget, which are quality mattresses built with no-frills and extras to be friendly to your hip-pocket.
  • $501-$2,000 is the competitive range, striking a balance between financially frugal and a longer term purchase piece.
  • Any mattress over $2,000 is considered premium. Think of it as an investment in your long-term sleep schedule and rest.

Factors to consider when you’re buying a new mattress

Each individual mattress is costed based its size, support system and comfort layer. Generally, the feel of your mattress (classified as soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm or firm) will not affect the price of the product.

Good warranty

When you’re spending an average of 9,125 days sleeping in your life, you want to make sure it’s on a well built mattress. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your mattress has a good warranty on it, to safeguard you against any manufacturing faults.

Take your time

Choosing the best mattress for you isn’t an easy task. Take the time to make sure you know what’s comfortable for you. Consider the following:

  • If you prefer a softer or harder feel to your mattress
  • If partner disturbance is an issue
  • The best size for you and the room you’re putting it in

Pick a budget, and keep to it

Mattresses can vary widely in terms of price range. Because there’s so much flexibility, it makes it easy to pick a price range and stick to it.

Pick a reputable brand

As a family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer and retailer, operating out of Braybrook since 1991, Chiropedic has been able to keep prices low by selling mattresses and bases directly to the public. Chiropedic’s mattresses can be up to 70% cheaper than the big retailers without compromising on quality.

Chiropedic also sources only top quality, Australian-made materials for all mattresses—whether they’re budget, competitive or premium priced, it means that you’re purchasing quality mattresses every time.

Mattress types

Most mattress brands will offer the following sizes, which you can expect to pay more for as they increase in width and length incrementally:

  • Single
  • Long single
  • King single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King

There are four key mattress types: innerspring, foam, latex, and hybrid. There are a variety of reasons why you may choose one mattress type over the other. Some considerations include the average lifespan of the mattress, pressure relief, heat retention, noise, odour and availability.

Chiropedic Mattresses exclusively sell the original, reliable spring mattress, focusing on quality and the proven longevity of innerspring beds over the latest foam and latex products.

Benefits of a budget mattress: $80-$500

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s a range of wallet-friendly mattresses at Chiropedic Mattresses.

While all of our budget mattresses will last several years because of their durable build, generally you are paying for a simpler mattress structure with economic basics.

  • One of the most financially-savvy mattresses on the market, Chiropedic’s Value Select range starts at just $89 for a single mattress. Featuring a heavy-duty, border boosted Chiro Coil Spring system, the mattress also comes with Ultra Fresh Antimicrobial treatment and extra durable woven fabric that is strong and breathable. The Chiro Coil Spring system is supportive and long-lasting, as well as providing excellent back support.
  • The step up, the Value Select Comfort, starts at $179 for a single mattress. The additions include a 24mm Dunlop Foam layer to provide comfort to the whole body for a peaceful nights sleep and premium dacron fibre which is breathable and helps to wick away moisture.

Competitive mattresses: $501-$2,000

Mattresses in the competitive, $501-$2,000 range, generally have more sophisticated spring mattress systems compared to budget mattresses. There are also several additions from a comfort perspective, including layers of woven fabric and foam layers.

The benefits of competitive mattresses come from the happy medium between being financially-savvy and investing in a long-term, premium mattress that you’ll love every day.

Examples of this include:

Premium mattresses: $2,000+

Premium mattresses that are in the $2,000+ range are the best night’s sleep your money can purchase.

Specifically, premium mattresses have Pocket Spring Systems and Adaptx Independent Spring Systems, starting with 5 zoned springs systems all the way up to 9 zoned spring systems.

In addition, layers of foams, gels and knitted fabrics give these mattresses an undeniably soft feel.

Outstanding products include:

Browse Chiropedic’s mattresses online, or head to one of our 4 mattress stores across Victoria to put our products to the test.

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