Should I get a mattress protector?

Why a new mattress needs a mattress protector

Through speaking with our customers, we’ve come to realise that there is some confusion about what a mattress protector actually does.

Many people don’t understand why they are a really good idea, especially if you’ve just bought a new mattress. In this post, we’ll be explaining the benefits of getting a mattress protector for your bed.

At Chiropedic we’ve been designing and manufacturing our own mattresses from top-quality Australian materials at our factory in Braybrook, Victoria, since 1991.

Our mattresses are built to last, with up to a 20-year warranty. However protecting and caring for your new mattress properly is essential to ensure you get as much life out of it as possible.

We include mattress protectors in our super-value bundles, which package all the mattress protectors and pillows you’ll require together with your mattress in one delivery.

Mattress toppers, pads and overlays

A mattress topper, pad or overlay is not the same thing as a mattress protector. Their primary purpose is to enhance comfort by adding extra padding.

They can be really handy if your mattress is old or is the wrong firmness for you. For example, a memory foam mattress topper can soften a firm mattress for those who prefer a softer sleep.

However, they aren’t designed to provide any real protection for your mattress.

The benefits of mattress protectors

great mattress protector creates a waterproof and dust-proof yet breathable shield around your bed.

This inhibits bacteria, mould, mildew and bugs to ensure that your bed does what it is supposed to do: give you a comfortable, clean and restful sleep, all night and every night.

Keep things clean

The fact of the matter is that our bodies are not kind to beds. Not only do we sweat throughout the night, we also expel oils and shed dead skin cells as we sleep.

These soak through the sheets and penetrate the mattress, and once in they are nearly impossible to remove.

A mattress protector blocks these substances and it can be taken off and machine washed as often as you like, which means you get to enjoy a cleaner mattress for longer.

Keeps you comfortable for longer

When the above-mentioned oils and perspiration penetrate the foam of your mattress, it will start to break down and show signs of wear.

This means that the mattress will, over time, become less comfortable to use and may also begin to produce unpleasant odours. This, of course, means you will probably want to replace it much sooner than you would have liked.

Keeps allergies and dust mites at bay

Dust mites are one of the realities of a night’s rest. These little critters feed on your dead skin cells.

However a mattress protector prevents skin flakes and other dust from accumulating on your mattress, keeping it sterile and reducing dust mite allergies.

Great for your warranty

Most mattress warranties include a clause that voids them if there is a stain on the mattress. This means that if you accidentally spill something on your mattress without a mattress protector in place you’ll be stuck with it, or have to buy a new one.

Tips on mattress care

If you’re not using a mattress protector, these tips on mattress care may come in handy.

Reducing dust and skin cells: Regular vacuuming may help to reduce the accumulations of dust and skin cells that will build up on your mattress over time. To absorb unpleasant mattress odours, sprinkle baking soda and leave for 30 minutes, then use the vacuum cleaner to remove.

Removing liquids: When liquids spill onto your mattress, quickly blot it dry. And if you notice any stains or marks, try to remove them as best you can by gently wiping or dabbing with a damp cloth. Never use solvents or strong chemicals.

Airing: Regularly exposing your mattress to fresh air and natural light can help to discourage mould and dust mites, and the increased air flow will help to carry away moisture and musty smells.

At Chiropedic, we recommend you leave the hard work of mattress maintenance to a mattress protector.

We have a range is available in all sizes and in a number of fabrics including TENCEL®, which is ideal for sensitive skin and eczema, recognised by the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested, and approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program.

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