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Chiropedic versus Posturepedic mattresses

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What’s the difference?

chiropedic vs posturepedic

What’s the difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses?.

Similar names. Different mattresses. You’ll probably only purchase a handful of mattresses in your lifetime, so we understand that you may not know the difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses.

The main difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses is that they are different products made by difference brands. Posturepedic mattresses are made by Sealy with a patented spring and comfort layer system. Chiropedic mattresses feature a range of different materials to provide many mattress options.

Do you seek a better sleep? Visit your local Chiropedic store and find the right mattress for you.

What’s in a name?

The first step to learning the difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses is by looking at their names. The difference is actually incredibly simple:

  • The term Posturepedic is the name for the spring system found in Sealy mattresses.
  • Chiropedic is our brand name of mattresses.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can have a look at the real difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses. Full disclosure: we make Chiropedic mattresses, so there may be some bias in our favour. By the end of the article, you’ll see why.

Sleep quality


A good mattress is the foundation of great sleep. It’s also important for relaxing muscles, relieving tension, and supporting the head, neck, and back. Sleep quality is influenced by the following four factors:

  • Body support: Good mattresses will support all parts of the body, from head to toe; offering varying zones of support for body parts that require more or less.
  • Breathability: There’s nothing worse than hot, uncomfortable sleep. Mattresses absorb a lot of body heat, and need to have ways to expel this heat through materials.
  • Side support: Nobody should suffer a sagging mattress. This is doubly important on the sides, where rigidity is required to help you get in and out of bed.
  • Partner disturbance: Some mattresses minimise the movement you can feel when one partner moves around or gets up from bed, making it less likely to wake the other.

Both Posturepedic and Chiropedic mattresses offer different solutions to these four areas of sleep quality. There’s plenty of variety when it comes to mattresses, so the best way to find the right mattress is to test them out.

Spring systems


Spring systems are the main difference between Chiropedic and Posturepedic mattresses. They are also the most supportive part of your mattress. A good spring system can be the difference between sound sleeping and tossing and turning.

Posturepedic mattresses use inner spring coils made from titanium alloy. Sealy uses the same spring system for all mattresses, meaning that there’s not a great deal of variety on offer.

Chiropedic mattresses are designed to offer maximum support, and a variety of choice. We know that good sleep comes from personal preference. That’s why we have three unique spring systems to choose from. Each offers varying levels of comfort and support:

  • Chiro Coil is a value option that offers plenty of support.
  • Chiro Flex ES offers a higher level of zoned support, including additional side support.
  • Pocket Spring mattresses is the premium choice, offering the best support and no partner disturbance.

Comfort layer

natural latex sheet

Due to their solid, compact nature, sleeping on a bed of pure springs would be worse that sleeping on the cold ground. Thankfully, springs are only one part of the mattress. The comfort layers are an integral part of quality sleep.

Posturepedic mattresses feature a ComfortCore® range of comfort layers, made from a range of materials. While there are ComfortCore® Plus, and ComfortCore® Premium options, again, there’s not a lot of variety in their range.

Chiropedic mattresses have a huge variety of comfort layers to choose from. Coupled with our selection of pillow tops and spring systems, finding the best sleep is just a matter of dropping into one of our locations. You can choose from any of the following comfort layers:

What do I choose?

The only way to find the right mattress is by testing until you find the right fit. Before you do that, consider going with the brand with the most variety. Chiropedic mattresses offer a superior selection of mattresses that differ in size, feel, comfort layer, spring system, construction and value.

Finding the right mattress is as easy as visiting a Chiropedic store near you. For more information about our mattresses and other products, get in touch with our friendly team.